Best place to read a book is still between the covers

READ all about it – it’s official.

We love to read, mostly in bed, and we love to hoard the books we read.

And despite advances in technology, almost everyone prefers to leaf through a traditional book rather than listening to an audio book or reading on an e-reader.

These and other reading habits of Irish adults have been brought to book in a new nationwide survey conducted by bordgais

It found that almost a half of all those surveyed (46%) spend over three hours every week with their head stuck in a book.

Some 74% of those who completed the survey claim to read more than six books every year, with 42% getting through 12 books in the same period.

And of those surveyed, 56% preferred to read a book in bed, with a quarter opting for the comfort of their sitting room.

When we are finished with our books, most people (52%) put them on a bookshelf at home, with just 1% choosing to throw them out.

Almost three-quarters of those surveyed said they have more than 50 books at home with 42% estimating they have more than 100 around the house – but just 13% said they donate their old books to charities.

Just over 40% of those surveyed said book reviews influence their title choice, but word of mouth is still king, with 45% of people relying on friends and family.

And Lord of the Rings tops the list of ‘desert island books’ followed by Pride and Prejudice, The Life of Pi and, handily enough, How to Survive on a Desert Island.


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