Baddest of bad banks set to get new lease of life

It might considered too painful a subject for parody by some folk but the country’s baddest of bad banks is set to get a new lease of life with Anglo — The Musical.

Already the subject of several books and countless newspaper articles, the story of Anglo’s central role in Ireland’s economic woesis being given a comical and musical twist in the national interest.

The show is written by Paul Howard, creator of another Celtic Tiger antihero, Ross O’Carroll Kelly, and based on a story by Johnny Morrison, Darren Smith, and Colm Tobin, who are the creative powers behind Dustin the Turkey,, and Anonymous.

The promoters attribute their inspiration for the show to the observation that “it only take a few muppets to screw an entire country”.

The musical will feature the country’s favourite turkey, Dustin, given his long-term association with the construction industry as well other, ahem, creatures who feathered their nest.

At the heart of the story is a young, innocent West of Ireland girl who moves to Dublin and falls for a banker, whose cousin is a dodgy developer.

Among the characters appearing on stages will be Bertie Ahern, Brian Cowen, Seán FitzPatrick, and Michael Fingleton.

“It is the sincere wish of the creators that this show be placed on the Leaving Cert curriculum for decades to come,” said Smith, who joked that other projects in the pipeline included Liveline: The Musical and Jedward Christ Superstar.

Anglo — The Musical will adopt the same blend of human and puppet characters as used in the Broadway and West End hit Avenue Q.

Songs featuring in the show include ‘Putting on the Fitz’, ‘Where Have All the Fat Telly’s Gone?’, and ‘Put A Zero on the End, He’s a Friend’.

The show will run at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre from Nov 14-25.

In the absence of a public inquiry on the sorry saga, the promoters are hoping the musical will provide a different sort of enlightenment.

You could say they’re banking on it.


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