Attic work caused leaks in 98 Cork council houses

Almost 100 council homes in Cork City suffered water damage after the installation of faulty or incorrect roof ventilation products during attic insulation work.

Water poured through the roofs and ceilings and into light fittings, prompting a major emergency repair response by the council over the Christmas period.

The news emerged during a wide-ranging debate on housing issues at last night’s meeting of Cork City Council.

It led to calls from Sinn Féin councillor Thomas Gould for the sub-contractor involved to be blacklisted from future council projects.

A report to the council’s housing committee, which came before the full council, revealed that the atrocious weather of recent months exposed the problems with the council’s older housing stock.

The report showed that the council’s maintenance department received 118 job dockets between December 1 2015 and February 5 last.

Officials said 98 properties had been examined by February 5 which revealed issues with universal roof vents, recently-installed as part of a major attic insulation scheme.

However, issues were also identified with soil stack vents, damaged felt, cracked tiles, defective flashing to the valleys and chimneys.

In addition, there were issues with leaking radiators, water tanks, and porches.

Most of the affected homes are in the Deanrock area, on the city’s south side.

Repairs have been carried out on 98 properties, with the faulty vents being replaced with vents whose profile matches the existing roof tiles, and repairs to the outstanding 28 properties are ongoing, the report said.

“The council has specified roof profile vents for use on the remaining properties as part of the fabric upgrade scheme,” according to the report.

FF councillor Fergal Dennehy said it was unfortunate that the damage had occurred during the Christmas period when people would reasonably expect to be able to enjoy the holidays in their homes.

He called for the specifications in the council’s tender documents to be amended to ensure that the correct type of ventilation products are used on the correct roof types in future.


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