Android batteries put iPhone in shade

New iPhones still have a shorter battery life than Android rivals like the Samsung Galaxy, according to experts at Which? Tech Daily.

The tech experts compared the iPhones against all the other flagship phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, Nokia Lumia 1020 to the HTC One.

While the batteries in the new iPhones last longer than those in the old iPhone 5, they still cannot match the capacity of those in the best Android phones.

Laboratory tests found that the battery in the new iPhone 5c lasted for 564 minutes of calls or 252 minutes online, while the battery in the iPhone 5s ran out after 651 minutes of calls or 298 minutes online.

This compares to the 1,051 minutes of calls — 17 and a half hours, or 405 minutes online, achieved on the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The HTC One achieved the second longest call time at 771 minutes, but was fourth in the internet test, at 339 minutes.

Samsung’s compact version of its flagship handset, the Galaxy S4 Mini came third in the call tests, at 746 minutes and second in the internet, with 394 minutes.

However, there is an obvious physical difference between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5s — the Galaxy S4 is far bigger, allowing more space for a much higher capacity battery so it has a big advantage.

The tests were carried out using the same signal strength and with the screen brightness set at the same level on every phone. Each phone’s battery was conditioned before testing by fully charging it and then discharging it.

A continuous call was made for the call time test and web browsing was testing by accessing a regularly updating special web page over 3G.

For call time the Apple iPhone 5s was placed 4th with 651 minutes followed by the Blackberry Z10 (600mins), the HTC One Mini (592 mins); the Apple iPhone 5c (564 mins) and the Nokia Lumia 1020 (460 mins).

The HTC One Mini was placed third for internet use with 385 minutes, followed by the HTC one (339mins), the Blackberry Z10 (335mins), Nokia Lumia 1020 (306mins), Apple iPhone 5s (298mins), and Apple iPhone 5c (252).

The tech experts at the magazine know that everyone uses their mobile phone differently — they just wanted to focus on talk time and web browsing in order to make direct comparison between the different phones.

Which? Tech Daily is a technology blog written by the tech experts behind Which? and Which? Computing.


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