Almanac was doing well until it predicted a cuddlier O’Leary for 2015

Michael O’Leary getting nicer, snakes found in Ireland, Fungi on the missing list, and someone planning to put an advert on the moon.

It’s hard to know which is the more unbelievable of Moore’s Almanac’s predictions for next year.

The Ryanair chief keeps promising to be kinder and gentler with customers but his notion of a charm offensive tends to be more offensive than charming. Even he admits that “being nice to people doesn’t come naturally to me”.

According to Moore’s Almanac, this is just one of the weird and wonderful happenings in store for us in 2015.

Others include: Record heatwaves everywhere. Waves, everywhere. “Waves will be in the news all year,” says the Almanac.

Skiing in Ireland; an exciting dinosaur discovery; a cyber bank-heist, the first of its kind — are all coming our way as well.

Other events predicted are very plausible, such as: Russia’s President Putin throwing a tantrum. Does he do anything else? Zsa Zsa Gabor to ‘pass over’, as the magazine puts it. She is, after all, 97.

Water stories in the news — now who would have guessed? Old Moore’s Almanac has been published for almost 250 years and was founded in 1764 by Theophilus Moore, a teacher, mathematician and astrologer who became known as the Irish Merlin.

The almanac certainly has form and can claim success with recent prophesies, predicting last year that the Scots would reject independence and that Bono would have a health scare, both of which came true.

They also correctly predicted that Enda Kenny would have a tough year, that Hilary Clinton would gear up for a run at the US presidency and that a probe would land on an asteroid.

OK, the Rosetta probe landed on a comet, but in cosmic terms, they were close enough.

All of the above augurs well for the almanac’s forecasts for 2015 — even if the prospect of a cuddly Michael O’Leary is more miraculous than predictable.

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