Actress feared ‘Love/Hate’ fan fury over Darren killing

The actress who shot dead Darren — the character played by Robert Sheehan in hit TV show Love/Hate — has said she feared a backlash after killing “the best-looking boy on Irish television”.

Caoilfhionn Dunne was afraid fans would hate her after her character killed Darren in a shoot-out at the end of the last series.

She said: “I still get the occasional words of abuse about it, but on the whole everyone has been nice.

“I actually only found out it was going to happen when I got the script for that week’s filming and it only came as a small direction at the end of the script saying: ‘Shaven- headed person shoots Darren.’ Straight away I thought ‘Oh no, they’re going to hate me. I’m shooting the best-looking boy on Irish television’.

“But I was still excited for them to go that way with my character Lizzie, and with them bringing a woman in who was so different from the others.”

Dunne, who is currently starring in King Lear in the Abbey Theatre, also revealed people now recognise her in public since her groundbreaking appearance in the series.

“I had been keeping a low profile since the show started but then I had to come into town every day for King Lear and the recognition started to creep in. I was really freaked out about it at first, it was so strange that people knew me.”

And the actress, who is more used to treading the boards, said working on a TV series was a different experience for her.

“It was really very different to anything I had worked on before. The whole thing of rehearsals and learning lines goes out the window.

“On a film set you’re in at 6am, straight into make up and then onto the set with a camera in your face and you shoot the scene.

“The way you work on Love/Hate is fantastic. It’s really live and fresh and so you don’t have time to analyse it too much at all.”


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