Accused in sexual exploitation case alleges ‘stitch-up’

A man charged with the sexual exploitation of a teenage boy at a public toilet at a shopping centre claimed yesterday that the boy was lying and gardaí were trying to stitch him up.

Dahesh Patel, aged 56, of Dillon’s Court, Dillon’s Cross, Cork, made the claims at Cork Circuit Criminal Court on the third day of his trial for alleged sexual exploitation of a minor on June 21, 2015.

The accused said that when he was in the Garda station being questioned about the allegation, one of the detectives turned to him and said: “I am going to stitch you up.”

Mr Patel said he replied to the garda: “Why would you do this to me when I did nothing wrong to you?”

This allegation was totally denied, as were other allegations that gardaí had lied or arranged to tamper with evidence so that his saliva looked like it was present on the complainant’s underpants.

In relation to the presence of saliva on the underpants of the injured party and DNA evidence linking this to the accused, Patel said that this had been placed there by somebody else. He completely denied having anything to do with the crime and said he did not touch the boy in any way.

Siobhan Lankford, prosecuting, said “You are concocting accounts to exonerate yourself.”

He denied this. “You are asking the jury to believe that it is an enormous conspiracy dreamed up by the complainant and all the guards,” Ms Lankford said.

The accused said he did not do it and that the gardaí and the complainant were telling lies.

Questioned by Mary Rose Gearty, defending, the accused said he had been married to his partner, William, for 27 years and had never had a penis in his mouth.

The case before Judge Seán Ó Donnabháin and a jury continues on Monday, when it is anticipated the jury will retire to consider its verdict.

The 16-year-old said of the day of the alleged incident: “I was under the impression I needed a pee. The man just stared at me and nothing was happening. He said, ‘we can make it happen’. He grabbed my private. He claimed he was trying to help. He put it in his mouth. That really confused me. What is he doing? He said, ‘Do you want some more?’ I said ‘no thanks’ and he left.”

Ms Gearty said: “My client said he did not touch you. Could you be wrong about that? Are you telling a lie, Have you made a mistake?” He replied, “No.”


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