A group of knitters have plans to “yarn bomb” a historic landmark in Bandon by draping it in rainbow colours, before it is demolished.

Knitters throughout the country have supported the women of the Bandon Knit & Natter knitting group, who are creating lengths of multi-coloured knitwear and crochet to drape around the handrail of a river footbridge near the centre of the town.

The footbridge, which crosses the Bandon River near the Weir, close to the children’s playground, has existed for 100 years — but it is to be replaced in May, during flood-defence work in the town.

However, its passing will not go unmarked, if the knitters and their supporters have their way. Some 60 contributors have used hundreds of balls of yarn to create countless numbers of 15cmx145cm scarf-like pieces of knitting and crochet. They will wrap these around the handrail of the bridge, along with knitted pom-poms from pupils in local primary schools.

“Knitters from as far away as Sligo have contributed to the project, after hearing about it — it seems to have tapped into peoples’ imagination,” said the founder of the group, Zoe Tennyson, who runs vintage shop, Ware.

“We are knitting like crazy here to complete a yarn-bombing project for our local footbridge, which is due to be replaced with a new, shiny version this year.

“As a farewell, we intend to decorate it with wool.”

Local businesses and the public have thrown their support behind the venture, both by donating wool, and facilitating collections of yarn, she said, adding that the group intends to start dressing the bridge next weekend, in good time for St Patrick’s Day.

A good yarn: Bridge to be draped in knitting

“The motivation is to bring a bit of colour to the town. We have also been busy sharing our skills in the primary schools of Bandon, making pom poms with the children,” said Zoe, a resident of Bandon for the past eight years.

“Bandon had a rough time during the flood and this is a good news story: Something positive and creative, and community-focused, that the town can be proud of,” she said. “I had a yarn-bomb project in mind before I set up the group and the bridge is the perfect focus for it — it’s the right location, too, beside the children’s playground and a focal point in the town.

“We want to spread the word of this great project. We still have time to get more people involved.”

See www.facebook.com/Bandon-Knit-Natter or email zoetennyson@gmail.com.


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