81-year-old woman who paid rent faces eviction

AN 81-YEAR-OLD woman is being evicted from her home of 58 years by Wexford Borough Council — despite being up-to-date with her rent.

The Local Authority last Wednesday pinned an eviction notice to the front door of 16 Wolfe Tone Villas in Wexford town, the home of Elizabeth Busher since 1952.

Elizabeth, who suffers with Alzheimer’s disease, has been a resident in St John’s Hospital in Enniscorthy since 2005, but makes twice-weekly visits back to the two-up two-down terraced house where she and her late husband, Pat, reared their family.

Elizabeth continues to make her weekly payment of €33 and her rent is fully up-to-date.

Her family said that the family home, where she is visited by her grandchildren and great grandchildren, is hugely important to their mother: “These are all her memories here. It’s her pride and joy; it’s her castle.”

However, the council has served a notice on her to “quit and deliver up” the house by August 9 next, or they will initiate court proceedings.

However, it’s understood the local authority wants to evict the elderly Wexford woman from her home because it is no longer being lived in, and because there has been an allegation of criminal activity at the house in her absence.

Elizabeth’s son, Richard Busher, rejects the allegation of criminal activity and expressed his annoyance that they cannot be informed of the source of the complaint.

Richard and his siblings also said the family home is hugely important to their mother.

Elizabeth was back in the house last Friday surrounded by her children — Richard, Ellen (Hanley), Brenda (McCormack) and John, as well as her grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Elizabeth’s 81st birthday was celebrated in the house on June 12 last.

Richard said it’s two years now since the council initiated proceedings to take possession of the house. He only took the decision to go public after the council forced his hand by pinning an eviction notice to the door.

Richard claims Wexford Borough Council has refused to deal with the family in a reasonable manner.

“There’s no negotiating with them. I’ve tried to buy the house and they’ve said no. I’ve suggested that one of the grandchildren come and take it on, paying the rent, and mind her when she comes out to visit, and they said no — they keep saying she is not a resident of the house,’ said Richard.

He said he’s not going to hand back the key, so the matter will end up before Wexford District Court.

Richard is calling on Wexford’s Borough Councillors to come out and say where it stands on the issue.

“She wants to be waked in her own home when her days are finished,’ said Richard.

Town Clerk Pat Collins of Wexford Borough Council said the authority cannot comment on individual cases.


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