700,000 log property tax payment choice

Almost 700,000 homeowners have filed their local property tax payment instruction for next year, Revenue have confirmed.

The deadline for registering the method of payment for the property tax with Revenue is midnight tonight.

Around 960,000 letters were issued by Revenue at the end of October asking homeowners for their tax collection option next year.

Revenue have estimated that the compliance rate, based on 1.95m properties, is at around 60%.

The compliance rate is likely to increase with people generally leaving filing until close to the deadline.

Around half of home owners opted for a single debit authority (SDA), with the tax taken directly from their accounts on Mar 21 next year.

Just 3% opted to pay by cheque, 5% by credit card, and 15% by debit card, while 15% arranged a direct payment, 7% arranged to make the payment using an approved service provider, and 5% arranged to have the tax deducted at source.

It is envisaged that the property tax will yield €250m this year and €500m next year.

Last July, Revenue began writing to customers who had not met their tax obligations for 2013.

More than 25,000 mandatory deductions from the pay or pensions of individuals who have not paid the 2013 property tax have been made to date.

Self-employed persons who have not paid the property tax by the income filing deadline will have a surcharge applied on their 2012 income tax which was due on Oct 31.

Around €700,000 has been paid since July1 in respect of arrears of the household charge or local property tax.

Properties cannot be sold if the property tax and any interest and penalties due are not paid.

The non-payment of property tax is a Revenue debt and the person liable will not qualify for a tax clearance certificate.

Figures show that 91% paid their 2013 property tax — a half-year’s liability, in a single payment.

Payments made online by debit or credit card for 2014 were deducted on the date of the transaction and Revenue explained the immediate deduction should have been expected as it would be if the cards were used to pay for a flight next year.

Those who deferred the full amount in 2013 were urged to contact Revenue, if their circumstances had changed. Otherwise it automatically carries forward into 2014.

Revenue’s local property tax helpline 1890 200 255 will be open from 8am to 8pm today , tomorrow and Friday. Information is also available from the Citizens Information Service.

* See Revenue.ie or Citizensinformation.ie


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