64% of parents leave venues over baby facilities

Almost two thirds of parents have left a venue here because of poor baby-changing facilities.

Furthermore, more than 80% of fathers have encountered great difficulties in changing a baby’s nappy due to lack of facilities in a male bathroom.

These findings are from a survey by Eumom this month.

The findings showed that 64% of parents in Ireland were forced to leave a public venue due to a lack of baby- changing room amenities.

They also showed that more than 30% of parents have had to change a baby’s nappy on a bathroom floor.

Almost 1,000 parents were queried in the survey and they rated baby hygiene facilities nationality at a 5.5 out of 10.

At 85% (the survey’s highest finding), parents said that poor changing amenities for their children will strongly impact on their decision to return to a venue or not.

The research was commissioned by Sudocrem to coincide with the launch of Baby Changing Room Awards, which is aimed at rewarding places such as hotels, cafes, and shopping centres for providing clean and safe facilities for parents and children.

Actor Simon Delaney is the award’s ambassador. He and wife Lisa Muddiman had their fourth child, Lewis, last month, and Delaney said they always think ahead when having a family outing.

“As a parent, I know firsthand how important good baby changing facilities really are,” he said.

“I soon realised that when we were planning a trip out that one of the first things to consider was whether the venue had good baby changing facilities.

“If they didn’t, we’d choose somewhere that did.”

Parents who were surveyed said that when it came to baby changing facilities the most important things were that they were “clean”, “warm”, and “safe”.

Enough space for a buggy was also important to parents.

Last year, actor Ashton Kutcher took to Facebook to complain about the lack of baby changing facilities in men’s bathrooms, and began a petition to lobby two American shopping stores for universally accessible changing tables in their premises.


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