€58bn spent delivering public services last year

€58bn was spent on delivering public services last year, up from €51.8bn in 2016.

Paschal Donohoe

The figures are contained in the second-ever report on the performance of the public service, which details what was delivered, in terms of outcomes, across a range of government departments and public bodies.

In 2017, there were 317,500 public servants, delivering a range of services across hundreds of organisations. Public service numbers had fallen consistently up to 2013. However, since 2014, numbers have been increasing. 

A key objective of the report is to equip Oireachtas Committees with the information they need to discuss with the relevant line ministers the performance of specific government departments.

Finance Minister, Paschal Donohoe, said the report provides facts and figures to enable the public and the Oireachtas members to see the impact the public service is having on lives, year after year.

“This is a very clear report, which demonstrates the key outputs that have been delivered in 2017, across the diverse range of public service bodies. It will assist timely, meaningful, and constructive dialogue on expenditure outputs between government and the Oireachtas and should ensure that there is enhanced focus on the impact of public expenditure on the lives of citizens.”

Mr Donohoe said that more information than ever is now available in relation to how public resources are allocated and utilised. 

He pointed to publications such as the ‘Summer Economic Statement’, which outlines the overall economic and budgetary strategy for government, and which establishes the parameters for the budget.

The report also outlines work in a number of bodies, in terms of equality reporting, a commitment in the Programme for Government which aims to ensure institutional arrangements are in place to support equality and gender-proofing within key government departments.

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