50bn devices ‘to be connected’ to internet by 2020

Intel hailed a “once-in-a- decade moment” as it showed off the sixth generation of its signature Core processors, as well as a next-generation selfie stick.

At a press conference ahead of the IFA technology show in Berlin, Intel debuted its new line of Core processors, including the i3, i5 and i7 that run in most PCs and laptops. These will offer more power to users than ever, the computing giant claims.

To prove it, a selfie stick composed of 6 GoPro cameras that offered a 360-degree view in ultra-high definition 4K was shown on stage being powered by one of the new processors.

In some cases, Intel claims the sixth generation core will be more than 200% faster, have 30 times better graphics and batteries will last three times longer.

Intel’s Kirk Skaugen said the hardware in the processors has been 10 years in the making.

50bn devices ‘to be connected’ to internet by 2020

iPad 3

Skaugen said the power in the new processors will give the smallest laptops and tablets similar speeds to the large tower computers of three years ago. As well as processors and previews of new hardware from some partners, Intel also offered a preview of its vision for the ever-expanding internet of things.

“If it consumes electricity it’s going to compute”, said Skaugen, adding that Intel estimates 50 billion devices will be a part of the internet of things by 2020.

The firm already has facial recognition technology in its RealSense cameras, and the presentation showed this being used to gain entrance to a car, as well as giving ‘eyes’ to drones, which can then manoeuvre around obstacles on their own.

New phones and smartwatches from the likes of Sony and Samsung will also be introduced at the IFA technology show. The technology convention opens to the public at the weekend, but before then some of the biggest brand names will introduce products that are likely to appear high on wishlists by Christmas.

50bn devices ‘to be connected’ to internet by 2020

Samsung S6 Edge

Sony and Samsung are holding press conferences, with Sony set to unveil its next flagship smartphone in the Xperia Z range.

50bn devices ‘to be connected’ to internet by 2020

Sony Xperia Z 3 Plus

This is the device it expects to do battle with the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone.

Apple does not attend trade shows, and instead is hosting its own event in California next week, where the next iPhone will be revealed.

Samsung will show off its new smartwatch, the Gear S2, for the first time, having already confirmed the product’s existence.

IFA is also traditionally when Samsung shows off the latest in its Galaxy Note smartphone range.

However, the technology giant brought this year’s announcement forward in an attempt to gain space from Apple’s upcoming event.

Instead, the Korean firm is expected to focus on its new smartwatch, as well as its SmartThings smart home product line, which is expected to form the centre of its presentation.

Other names in technology will also be exhibiting, with events also being hosted around the city by firms such as Intel, Philips and Panasonic. As well as consumer electronics, home appliances also feature among the hundreds of stands and booths that make up IFA – which began as an industrial and radio exhibition in the 1920s.


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