500 faulty water boilers still in use across counties

MORE than 500 faulty water boilers which have caused five fires are still being used primarily by Cork and Kerry families.

This is despite a recall of the product being under way since 2007.

Between 2001 and 2006, approximately 700 GeminoX boilers were imported into Ireland by Aquatech Ltd in Cork, of which about 500 remain to be located and refitted, primarily in the Cork and Kerry region.

Despite numerous warnings from the French manufacturer and a recall which has been under way since 2007, the public is continuing to use the boilers, which may be a fire hazard.

To date, the faulty boilers have led to five fires, the most recent of which occurred in Kinsale.

GeminoX, the French domestic appliance manufacturer, has warned there is a potential risk of overheating in certain models.

The company has warned that, depending on the configuration and operation of the cylinder, the risk of a fire hazard cannot be ruled out in certain cases.

The company has urged people to check their hot press, and for any person who has the GeminoX Ebs immersion cylinder to immediately stop using the unit.

People who have one of the cylinders are advised to keep the unit switched off until a refit has been carried out. GeminoX is also encouraging any tradesperson who installed one of the company’s water cylinders to contact the company helpline.

The risk of overheating comes from the black plug-in connectors located at the bottom of the grey box at the front of the cylinder and on top of the cylinder.

It should be stressed that not all cylinders are affected. Cylinders without an immersion (no grey control box) or cylinders that have the grey box but no black plug-in connectors, are not affected.

A spokesperson for GeminoX said the company was committed to ensuring their products were safe.

“We are absolutely committed to ensuring the operational and functional safety of our products.

“We urge any consumers in possession of a GeminoX immersion water cylinder to check their hot presses and call the helpline if they are in any doubt.”

Director of commercial practices with the National Consumer Agency John Shine said that despite numerous public appeals, there has been a limited response from the public who may have one of the water boilers in their home.

“We have been working with GeminoX to raise awareness of the issue but there has been a limited response from the public,” he said.

Contact the company helpline at 1850 427 947 or email at info@gaswise.ie.


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