1.4m viewers tuned into this year’s ’Toy Show’

It was not another record breaker but last Friday’s Late Late Toy Show still came out tops — with 1.4m viewers it is the most watched programme so far this year.

Last year’s production had the highest number of viewers in 10 years, but host Ryan Tubridy felt the feat might be impossible to top this time round.

However, the production proved hugely popular on the RTÉ Player with close to 150,000 streams – a 30,000 increase on last year.

The show was streamed 62,000 times by an international audience – 40% from Britain, 16% from the US and 11% from Australia.

This year, the most watched clips on the RTÉ Player was the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang opening number and Aimee Keogh, 11, meeting singer Ed Sheeran.Tubridy, who loosely played the role of zany inventor, Caractacus Potts, sang a medley of songs and danced with a number of children. The YouTube clip showing Aimee meeting the “surprise guest” has been viewed almost 340,000 times.

Aimee told The Ray Darcy Show yesterday that she was still on “Cloud Nine” after meeting Ed. She had watched the YouTube clip a number of times but the reality of what happened has still not sunk in.

Aimee was testing the PlayStation 4 SingStar and was singing Lego House by Ed when he came out and tapped her on the shoulder.

“My knees were shaking and I thought I was going to collapse but I didn’t. I went on with the song,” she said.

The singer has invited Aimee and her family to one of his shows in Wembley Arena, London, next July and has offered to put them up and pay for their flights.

Tubridy said he was delighted with the viewership figures. “It’s a bonkers programme and I love presenting it. But it’s the children who make the show what it is and the whole experience more fun and special for everyone.”

RTÉ One channel controller Adrian Lynch said the Late Late Toy Show had become a national event. People of all generations enjoyed the show and the viewership figures reflected this, he said.

The show featured a record number of children — 269 performers and toy testers. The toy count reached new levels too — 200 toys were featured and more than 300 used for the set design. All of the toys featured will be donated to various charities.

A list of the toys is on www.rte.ie/tv/latelate and Aertel.


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