We recently introduced a membership platform on the website and we're really excited about what this means for our users. We'll be bringing you lots of different things in the future, but there are already lots of benefits right now to becoming a member on IrishExaminer.com.

As a member it's much easier to comment on articles and join the debate. You can register a nickname if you prefer to remain somewhat anonymous but overall it's an easier process to log in with your social profile and join the discussion.

When you're logged into your profile you'll be able to enter exclusive competitions with just one click - a much faster system. Making it easier to enter means you have more opportunities to win

We're also introducing some newsletters as part of the membership platform. You'll have the opportunity to opt into those newsletters, and to opt out. To start the day, there's a morning round-up of news you missed while you were asleep! A lunchtime review will bring you up to date on that morning's news, while our evening news wrap is a collection of the most viewed news items that day. We'll also have our usual 'Weekend Preview' and soon we'll be launching Sports and Lifestyle newsletters. As a member, you have exclusive access to all of these.

When you're logged in, we'll track what content and what ads you view, so that in time we can offer you a more relevant experience. This will help to inform our writers about what interests our readers have, and help our digital people to decide what content we should post online. We'll also be able to tailor content and ads to you specifically so if you prefer to look at Rugby content or Beauty features we'll make these more prominent in your news feed, and stop showing you ads that are of no interest. This will link back to those newsletters mentioned above, so the content within the newsletters is content you care about. These changes are all intended to make your relationship with our brand more relevant and a more friendly experience.

We won't ever share your data with any other companies. If you have opted in to receive info from third parties you might get an email with a promotion or offer from another company but that company will not have received your data. It will always be sent using our systems. If you would like to read through our privacy policy click here, or if you would like to take a look at our terms of use click here.

Overall, membership means a better experience for you our customer and, we hope, a more relevant experience.
So come on - time to become a member and join the conversation, log in.