Irish Examiner publishes podcasts on a weekly basis : The Mick Clifford Podcast, Rugby Podcast with Duncan & Duncan, The GAA Podcast with Anthony Daly, A Footballer's Life with Graham Cummins and our hugely popular Ask Audrey.


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WEEKEND PODCAST : This is the 'The Moments That Made Me', the Weekend Podcast from the Irish Examiner. We ask well known people, not just about where they are now, but how they got there. The show is hosted by Vickie Maye, Features Editor of the Irish Examiner. We ask our guests to take a walk through their lives and pick moments, good and bad, personal and professional that have shaped their lives.

Ask Audrey Podcast

ASK AUDREY : She's saucy and she's posh. She's all about the dosh. She live's in Ballinlough, because she can's afford Blackrock. You can ask her for advice, but don't expect her to be nice. It's Ask Audrey ..... "What's your problem"

The GAA Podcast

THE GAA PODCAST: Anthony Daly talks hurling with knowledge, passion and humour. Whether shooting the breeze with greats of the game, analysing the latest action, or debating talking points with regular guests TJ Ryan, Mark Landers and Ger Cunningham, Dalo will always keep it pucked out.

The Mick Clifford Podcast

THE MICK CLIFFORD PODCAST: Every week, this podcast will bring you a slice of current affairs you might find engaging and informative. We will look at the big stories of the week and we also hope to delve into some of the off-agenda stories that we have featured in the Irish Examiner and our unique interpretation of those stories.   

A Footballer's Life

A FOOTBALLER'S LIFE-GRAHAM CUMMINS: Graham Cummins has seen most of what football can throw at footballers. He was a rising star at Cork City who went on to make a good career at a host of English and Scottish clubs before returning to the League of Ireland. In this podcast, Graham catches up with old teammates and coaches to retrace some of the key moments in their footballing lives from the perspective of someone who shared their dressing room.

Rugby Podcast 

DUNCAN & DUNCAN RUGBY PODCAST: Duncan Casey and Duncan Williams tackle old colleagues and new friends from across the rugby spectrum on their podcast. You can expect plenty of informative chat, debate, learnings, and an old war story or two when this pair are in studio.