20 steps to a healthier you with GloHealth - Step 17: Flex Your Mindfulness Muscle and Stay in the Now!

Anyone can be mindful for a short period, but let’s face it – it’s all too easy to become distracted and lose focus.

However it’s worth the effort according to the experts, because being mindful and staying in the now can reduce stress and increase your happiness levels.

Try Mindful Breathing:

*You can practise mindful breathing anywhere but some people find it helpful to choose a special place to do it in – perhaps a corner of your favourite room where there’s a comfortable place to sit

*Mindful breathing is very simple – just focus on your breathing. Breathe slowly in, and then let the air out.

*Your eyes don’t need to be closed but your mind should be in the present. It will probably wander but each time you notice that your mind has lost focus; let the distracting thought or feeling go. Bring your attention back to your breath.

*Try putting your hand on your belly to feel the rise and fall of your breath. Some experts suggest counting as you breathe in, and again as you breathe out. Breathing is a simple but powerful way to anchor yourself in the present moment.

*With practice, you can build up to breathing mindfully a couple of times a day, for perhaps, five minutes per time. It takes discipline to be mindful and to increase the amount of time you spend in the present.

Remember, practice makes perfect – becoming more mindful is achieved gradually. Each day try to increase the amount of time that you spend in the present moment.

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