The future of transport according to our kids

Ford Ireland have released a video in the midst of their continued centenary celebration of one hundred years in Cork.

Set up by Henry Ford in 1917, the Ford plant at the Marina supported generations of families in Ireland.

Today, Ford continues to produce and deliver its most advanced cars to generations of motorists.

Some of whom still have connections to one of the greatest employers in the country in the early 1900’s.

In their latest initiative, Ford asked the next generation of motorists to describe their views on the future makeup and abilities of the motors on our roads.

So, what will transport look like in the future, according to the next generation?

Some suggested that cars will drive themselves and with self-drive cars being available in the future, some of these children may never need to learn how to drive.

Some said there would be no more traffic lights.

“Future cars could have eyes and if there was a traffic jam they could say 'Don't go there, there's a traffic jam. Go the other way’,” one child said.

Advances in smart technology means there will be no more traffic jams in the future leading to far fewer road traffic accidents.

Cars will also have the ability to recognise your habits and mood and will be able to tell you a joke.

One child made a joke that would cheer any of us up on an early morning journey to work in our cars.

"What happens if you cross a kangaroo and a cow?,” she asked,  “A kangamoooooo!"

In the future, these children could experience what their own suggestions are on what transport will look like as a result of the advances in motoring technology today.

At Ford, the future of transport is already here.