Wrapper strikes silver at Scottish awards

Irish manufacturers McHale have picked up yet another award for their Fusion 3 Plus baler and its film on film application of film to the barrel of the bale in the bale chamber, before wrapping.

This ensures consistent film stretch, reliable film application, and optimum bale shape and density. Only a simple adjustment is needed when switching to netwrap for hay or straw.

The Fusion 3 Plus won a silver medal at the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland Technical Innovation Awards announced at the recent Highland Show.

The gold medal (for continuous outstanding merit to a previous silver medal winner) went to the Bryce Suma Post Drivers company for their Post Driver & Powershift HD180, a compact and versatile one-man tracked fencing machine, designed for stability, safety, and high performance, as well as savings in time, fuel, and labour.

A silver medal also went to Kverneland’s Vicon iXclean Pro, a fully automatic rinsing system available on Vicon sprayers and front tanks with ISOBUS control, for thorough rinsing when changing chemicals.

The Kverneland Group was also awarded a silver medal for its Exacta TL GEO disc spreader, in which accuracy and savings are improved by changing the position where fertiliser is presented to the spreading vanes.

The effective spread pattern can be adjusted whilst maintaining disc RPM, for accurate spread patterns at the headlands.

A silver medal was also awarded to Roxan Developments Ltd for its Tag-Faster PRO — a motorised sheep tagging applicator which makes the job easier, medicates the ear wound, and counts and records the electronic tag numbers as they are fitted. It can also be used as a “stick” reader.

Meanwhile, a certificate of commendation went to McDonald Agri Ltd for its Profill Mixer Bowser, a sprayer support vehicle.

At its heart is a large induction hopper with multiple wash functions. A tank for pre-mixing speeds up sprayer turn-around and sprayer fills.

The awards attracted a high number of entries.


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