Weather check from tractor cab

Weather information in the tractor cab allows sprayer operators to do a better job, and decrease the risk of chemical drift.

The John Deere mobile weather system allows the operator to check field weather conditions without stopping the tractor.

Up to now, farmers had to stop spraying, climb out of the cab, and use a hand-held device to check prevailing weather conditions — so a solution was bound to come from the US, where new technology has beefed up farming more than it has anywhere else.

The John Deere mobile weather system won an AE50 award at the recent 2013 Ag Equipment Technology Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, which is dedicated solely to power machinery used in farming.

This vehicle-mounted monitoring system can be put on any self-propelled John Deere sprayer that is equipped with precision farming equipment, such as the GreenStarTM 2630 Display, on which the operator can read the weather report

Monitoring temperature, wind speed, wind direction, relative humidity, and ‘delta T’ (which indicates evaporation rate and droplet lifetime) on-the-go allows operators to quickly, and easily, understand if the weather conditions are favourable for whatever agro-chemical they are applying.

You can also input your own spraying parameters into the system, and receive notifications whenever current conditions are outside these preset parameters.

*Operating a combine harvester with just one hand has won an AE50 award at Kansas City, for the US division of Claas.

Designed for Claas Lexion combines, their C-Motion joystick enables three-finger operation, rather than the typical, single-thumb operation of earlier joysticks.

The thumb is used to control functions such as header-height control, reel-height control, auto-pilot, and automatic feeder house and header stop.

The index finger is used to control unloading tube swing-in and swing-out, and engage/disengage.

The middle finger controls the rocker switch for manual, header-tilt control and the head-cutter bar flexibility, or the vario head’s retractable (fore/aft) cutter-bar position.

*US experts were sufficiently impressed by European Union farming technology to give an AE50 award to the homologated version of the New Holland T9 tractor.

It is the world’s first articulated, four-wheel-drive class tractor to attain “full type homologation” approval by the EU for on-road use on EU public roads.

It is now available with a special option package, designed to allow the tractor to meet EU road laws.

The package modifies the steering and braking systems, vehicle width and height, and exhaust and lighting systems, and places additional equipment on the tractor.

Other tractors of this size must have extra equipment mounted by customers and dealers, and undergo a country-by-country approval process, to be used on European roads.


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