Pottinger collects two silver medals for innovation

How Pottinger's award-winning Precision Combi Seeding combines precision seeding with a standard pneumatic drill.

Pottinger secured two silver medals for innovation at the Agritechnica machinery show for their pneumatic seed drills.

This new generation of machines has the latest developments such as PCS precision combi-seeding and IDS intelligent distributor system.

Changing tramline rhythms and track widths when drilling with pneumatic drills is often associated with complicated readjustments.

The new Intelligent Distribution System from Pottinger, with individually switching distributor head outlets, offers flexibility and ease, when forming tramlines.

It guarantees a consistent flow of seed to each row, saving seed material. It is based on an electrical metering drive controlled by a power control terminal, or the tractor’s ISOBUS control and communications system .

Track gauges, track widths and tramline rhythms can be selected simply at the operator terminal. Once a tramline is formed, the seed quantity per hectare remains constant, due to seed return coupled with proportional reduction of the volume dosed. The distributor head offers the full range of tramline widths, track widths, special tramline modes, dual tramline systems, and half width switching to the left or right.

Pottinger’s second silver medal winner, the PCS Precision Combi Seeding, combines precision seeding with a standard pneumatic drill. The combined implement saves money to the farmer/ contractor by removing the need to purchase individual seeders.

The changeover from standard seed drilling to precision drilling can be carried out simply. One machine allows several applications — grain seeding, maize seeding with or without fertilising, and maize seeding coupled with under-sowing. Fixed operating costs per hectare are reduced by the multiple uses of the seeder.

The machine features sensor monitoring of the longitudinal seed distribution, and displays incorrect and double placement per row on the dis-play terminal. The silver medal-winning precision drill meter for grain and oilseed rape from Horsch offers more precise drilling when using conventional pneumatic drills.

Up to the coulter, the seed delivery takes place totally conventionally, without further changes to the standard drilling machine.

Each seed row has a dosing unit on the top of the coulter, for thinning the seed flow from the distributor head. In this dosing unit, the unsorted, volumetrically derived seed flow is prepared and passed, thinned, to the down-tube. The desired orderly and thinned seed flow is then obtained at the outlet of the dosing unit.

This new equipment for precision drilling of grain allows very high thinning frequencies, in order to keep up with the performance efficiency of today’s drilling machinery with travel speeds of 10 to 12 km/h.

John Deere won a silver medal for innovation at Agritechnica for their smart irrigation system.

The system combines information such as real time soil moisture content, temperature, and humidity for row crops such as maize, and relays the information to the office computer, which allows for proper positioning of the irrigation hoses, and adjustment of the water volume required.


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