‘Electrified’ maize silage is a useful pig feed

Silage maize could become a more valuable feed for pigs, thanks to the new PEF-System which has won a gold medal at for innovation the EuroTier trade fair in Germany for manufacturers Big Dutchman Pig Equipment GmbH.

It enables the complete maize plant to be used in pig feed. The pig as a monogastric animal cannot normally make use of some components in the feed, as it does not possess the enzymes to break down the fibres in maize, for example, and extract feed value from them.

Big Dutchman’s Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology is used in liquid feed mixing systems to make the entire maize plant nutritionally available for pigs, which normally depend on the cob only for feed value.

The PEF electrical barrage opens up the plant cells and the cell juice emerges, making the complete cell digestible for the pigs, which benefit health-wise from the improved crude fibre supply.

Experts at Big Dutchman were inspired by a similar solution found in other parts of the food industry.

EuroTier in Germany is believed to be the world’s largest animal husbandry event.

Each year, the German Agricultural Society assesses innovations launched at EuroTier. This year, 270 innovations from 156 exhibitors in 19 countries were assessed, and gold medals were awarded for six innovations, while silver medals were awarded for a further 15.

The winners will be major attractions when the show goes to Hanover on November 11-14, where an attendance of about 145,000 is expected.

As we reported last week, the Swiftflo Goat Rotary parlour won a gold medal for Dairymaster, of Causeway, Co Kerry.

Two other dairy products won gold medals. From Switzerland, Bitec Engineering won with their RotoPuls milking machine pulsator, for its animal welfare and milk quality benefits.

Robust assembly allows trouble-free operation of its two independent servomotors, a valve block and a buffer tank, which are designed to relieve pressure on the teat, and absorb short-term air surges to reduce vacuum fluctuations.

From Landwirtschaftskammer Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany comes the gold medal winning “Cows and more” computerised weak point analysis for dairy cows.

The other two gold medal winners are for pig farmers. The Porky’s Pick Up made in Germany by Meier-Brakenberg GmbH & Co. KG is the first self-propelled collecting vehicle for finishing pigs and sows which die. The animals can be picked up and carried away without any manual intervention by the user.

Made by Schippers GmbH in Germany, the HyCare housing for farrowing consists of a plastic tub, on a transportable metal base. Piggery staff can move individual pens as wished. Each pen are accesible from three sides, which makes it unnecessary to enter the pens for treatment and animal care. The liquid manure is piped directly to an outdoor store. The system allows 100% cleaning and disinfecting of the entire pen. It improves piggery hygiene and optimises work procedures.


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