Konquest Gel for use in wrapping infected hooves

New product for treating lameness was tried out on 4,200 hooves.

Provita have introduced Hoofsure Konquest Gel.

Already marketing Hoofsure Endurance for control of lameness on dairy farms, the company has designed Konquest Gel for use in wrapping infected hooves. It contains organic acids and tea tree oil, to penetrate hoof infections.

The product has properties which help the gel stick to skin and hoof, and is formulated to remain stable in warm weather, but flexible in cold weather, allowing it to be spread easily in all conditions.

The product was developed in conjunction with Queens University and has been successfully trialled on 4,200 hooves in Northern Ireland over the past year. It can be used on skin lesions around the hoof by scraping off the dead tissue, covering the affected area with gel and applying a hoof bandage where necessary. The advice is to remove the bandage after two days, and repeat the treatment seven days later if required.

For claw lesions, hooves can be trimmed, and the same process followed.

Konquest is available in a 300g silicone tube retailing at €29 including VAT.

This works out at under €1 per 10g application.


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