Milk superlevy relief hope shot down again by EU

Relief for member states in danger of exceeding milk quota was shot down again at this week’s EU Council of Agriculture ministers.

Moves to slightly adjust fat correction coefficients, for a smoother “soft landing” after quotas disappear next April, were opposed by a large blocking minority, thus confirming that the regulatory framework agreed in 2008 on the end of the milk quota regime will be applied strictly.

The meeting was the first of the Italian Presidency of the EU, which indicated that organic farming is a priority in its six-month work programme. In March, ministers were briefed on the Commission’s proposal to review the legal framework for organic production and farming.

This week, most member states welcomed the intention of the Commission to simplify rules on organic production, and raise consumer confidence in organic production.

The Commission has proposed to remove mandatory annual verification of compliance for all operators, and to reinforce an approach based on risk analysis to official control


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