Pig price less than production cost for some

FOLLOWING compound feed prices rises of up to €30/tonne, pig producers are staunchly opposed to any cuts to the current average price range of €1.42 to 1.46, according to IFA, which says the feed price rise brings the cost of production over €1.50/kg for some pig farmers.

The Irish pig price was at 93% of the EU average for the week ending August 29, after the EU average fell by 2c/kg, and the Irish price by 1c/kg.

IFA says flat rate prices quoted at export plants range from 142 to 148 cent/kg, plus the 2-6cent/kg welfare bonus. Pork slaughterers quote from 144 to 152 cent/kg.

Weaner prices are at € 50 to €52 for 32kg, sows are at 90 –to 100c/kg deadweight.


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