Pig genetics project one of many to benefit from €26m research grants

Fluke controls, pig and cattle genetics, fungi life boosters and creamier dairy drinks are some of the projects cited as recipients of the latest €26m in research grants unveiled this week by Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney.

Key projects include those improving the feeding, fertility and health of dairy and beef cattle; protecting and improving the quality of soil; addressing climate change; controlling Septoria disease in wheat; abatement of ammonia emissions in agriculture; food safety at farm and processor level; and applying novel processing technologies to fish.

ICMSA president John Comer said any money invested in agri-food was repaid in multiples through employment and exports.

“As a result, Ireland’s reputation as a global standard-setter in sustainable food production is now going from strength to strength,” said Mr Comer.

Mr Coveney said: “The agri-food and marine sectors have proven... that they have the capacity to drive our economy through increased employment, value added and export growth and this announcement today of major funding for 51 projects will further build and maintain research capacity and capability.

“These awards will also provide training for over 80 post-graduate students and contract employment for almost 90 highly trained scientists.”


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