Winter crops hows more barley but less grain

The winter barley acreage increased 6% in 2016, but the national grain yield from the main cereal crop fell 10%.

Like wheat, winter barley crops established very well but suffered in wet weather, with scalding and salt burn also on southern coasts.

BYDV symptoms were common, and lower yields were also due to the wet winter and later spring, take-all, and poor weather at flowering, which resulted in thinner crops with fewer grains. Winter barley yields (6.25–11.6 t/ha) were almost 0.6t/ha lower than the five-year-average.

Grain quality was good, except for lower kg/hl weights in six-row varieties.

Spring barley

Spring barley acreage fell 15%, but yield fell 19%.

Spring barley establishment and final plant counts were good, but the cold start in spring delayed earlier sown crops. Wet weather at flowering resulted in blind grains.

Yields were 3.5–9.5 t/ha, slightly above average.

Moisture averaged 19.2%, hectolitre weight 62.6.

Winter wheat

The winter wheat acreage increased 8% in 2016, but the national grain yield fell 5%.

Yields of winter wheat were near average nationally.

Autumn fieldwork was hampered and spring growth was slow. Disease levels were moderate, but BYDV levels were higher.

Rainfall at flowering resulted in blind grain sites and fusarium in many crops.

Grain quality was good at 73.4 kg/hl with average harvest moistures of 18.5%.

Spring wheat

Spring wheat acreage fell 27%, but yield fell 32%.

Spring wheat benefitted from the cool summer, but late ripening and harvesting in some areas reduced yields and quality.

Average yields were 4–11 t/ha, 0.2 t/ha lower than the five-year average. Grain quality was modest, with most harvested at 20% moisture.

Winter oats

Winter oats acreage increased 15%, but yield increased by only 4%.

Winter oats yields at 6.25–10.3 t/ha were slightly ahead of the five-year average.

Quality was good, and the harvest grain moisture averaged 17.7%.

Spring oats

Spring oats acreage fell 19%, but yield fell 23%.

After increased winter planting, the spring oats area decreased 19%.

Crops did well but lodging was increased, and a small number of crops were harvested late.

The 5.3–8.6 t/ha yield range was “average”.

Grain quality was 52.8 kg/hl, with 19.4% moisture.


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