Warning fallen cattle collection costs could increase

Animal collection costs could increase due to 125 km haulage limit.

The Department of Agriculture has limited the distance that material from fallen cattle aged over 48 months can be transported to rendering plants.

The change has led to warnings that fallen cattle collection costs could increase.

Rendering and disposal costs of over 48-month cattle are fully covered by government subsidy.In 2012, 53,903 of these animals were tested as required by EU regulations and fully disposed off, at a cost to the exchequer of €5.78 million. The projected cost in 2013 is €7.49m, for 75,000 animals.

The subsidy pays €30 to animal collectors and €58 to renderers in respect of each animal, excluding VAT. The collection charge to the farmer is capped at €54.03, including VAT.

Under the new arrangements, each animal collector will be able to choose from at least two rendering companies.

Longford-Westmeath TD Willie Penrose (Labour) has warned a new haulage limit of 125 km (as the crow flies) from animal collector to renderer will exclude availability of rendering plants in Northern Ireland for many collectors who have been dealing with them.


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