Tractor jacking device Trakjak lifts LAMMA health and safety award

An Irish-designed tractor jacking device has won a major health and safety award.

The Trakjak is the world’s first two-wheeled jacking device that maintains mobility while the rear of the tractor is elevated.

It won the inaugural SSAB health and safety award at the recent LAMMA machinery show in England.

This simple and easy to use device was designed and built by Pauric Fay from Cootehill, Co Cavan.

To use the Trakjak, the rear lift arms are connected to the Trakjak frame which runs under the rear of the tractor.

Raising the lift arms pulls the frame against the pickup hitch and simply levers the tractor off the ground.

With the rear wheels removed, Trakjak’s solid wheels enable the tractor to be slowly manoeuvred, with four wheeled drive engaged, from workshop to wash bay and vice-versa, making it easier to clean a tractor ahead of a strip-down or service.

The new annual award is created by the Institution of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE) in partnership with SSAB, the Nordic and US-based steel company.

It was judged by a panel of eminent agricultural engineering specialists.

Designer Pauric Fay said: “I am delighted to win this award for Trakjak.

“It is the challenge of cleaning and manoeuvring tractors before and during service and maintenance which led to this invention.

“This presented me with an interesting engineering challenge and I am pleased that Trakjak has been recognised as an innovation which has the potential of improving health and safety.”

The prize comprises of a trophy, £300, and an invitation to visit SSAB in Sweden.

Alastair Taylor, CEO of IAgrE, said: “Agriculture is the most dangerous industry in the UK and at IAgrE we are committed to help the industry improve this figure.

“We believe this award is a way of raising and promoting health and safety. IAgrE cannot endorse particular products but we felt Trakjak reinforces the importance of health and safety within the workshop.

“The panel also thought it was noteworthy that with the increasing size and weight of machinery, attention was focussed on the safe handling and jacking of tractors during service operations.”

Johan Mattsson, SSAB key segment specialist, agriculture said, “SSAB is committed to a safer world. We achieve this by producing stronger steels which in turn allow machines to be lighter.

“Anything we can do to promote health and safety across the agricultural industry and celebrate new ideas helps in keeping this important subject in the minds of those designing and building farm machinery.”


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