Success of Grass and Muck event proves pulling power of working demonstrations.

Specialised working demonstration events are becoming an extremely popular way for machinery manufacturers and importers to showcase their latest machines.

Take for example the Grass and Muck event held bi- annually in Gurteen College.

The event is Ireland’s best demonstration type showcase, which has grown into an outstanding success for its organisers, FTMTA.

The one-day event boasted an attendance of nearly 11,000 visitors who viewed demonstrations of silage, slurry, and manure equipment.

The tillage industry is not catered for by a similar type of large showcase event within our shores, so many Irish tillage farmers will choose to travel to Tillage-Live in the UK in mid-September.

This event takes place east of Birmingham, in Rugby, Warwickshire, on September 14. The main focus is the expanding options in cultivation that now offer themselves to tillage farmers.

The working demonstrations will allow visitors the opportunity to view these machines working and up close.

There will also be a sprayer plot, precision farming demo area and static exhibitors.

Several innovations will be on display at the event.

A trend towards applying fertiliser down the spout, particularly phosphate, when seeding, has led to a demand for both trailed passive cultivator drills and tine seeders with a fertiliser option.

* Amazone will showcase their new grain and fertiliser Cirrus 4003-2C along with the Cenius 4003-2TX which has the new DW600 disc rollers and 40mm C-Mix deep-working, low-disturbance tines.

The 4m Cirrus ISOBUS features a 4,000-litre pressurised tank which is divided into two on a 60:40 split.

This offers the option of having fertiliser in one half of the tank and grain in the other, or maybe sowing two varieties of cover crop at once, or under-sowing spring barley with grass seed, depending on the application required.

Amazone will also display their new stone release plough.

The Cayron 200 S-Force five and six furrow stone release ploughs feature a hydraulic auto-reset system which can be adjusted from the tractor cab.

On contact with a stone, a hydraulic accumulator on each leg allows the oil to be released from the ram to let that leg rise.

The lift force is progressively reduced as the lift height increases but then, as the obstacle is cleared, the down force quickly returns ensuring the reliable pulling of the plough body back into the ground.

* Mzuri has confirmed its attendance at Tillage-Live where the manufacturer will be presenting its low-disturbance tillage equipment.

Visitors at the Mzuri’s demonstration plot can see Mzuri’s new Pro-Til “direct till drill” concept and the Rezult straw rake. The “direct till drill” concept is a unique 3-in-1 drill which allows users to carry out strip tilling, direct drilling, and precision seeding with just one piece of equipment.

The Pro-Til Select produces a narrow tilled band to ensure quick and even seed germination whist leaving the rest of the ground intact to aid soil structure.

Capable of drilling most combinable crops, the direct till drill will feature pivoting leading discs, auto-reset breaker legs complete with wing and fertiliser placement option and staggered reconsolidating wheels.

The patented seeding legs on the machine have a 900mm clearance for maximum trash flow, and pivot side to side to ensure the seed is always placed centrally to the seeding zone.

* Berthoud will display the 2016 Raptor self-propelled sprayers which have undergone a series of significant upgrades.

The Bosch Rexroth hydrostatic transmission has Eco functionality as standard.

The operator sets a forward speed for the machine, which automatically adjusts its engine and hydrostatic rate according to the load.

The three speed ranges have been developed to reach 18, 25, and 40kph. This final “road speed” range is reached at an engine rate of 1700-1800 rpm.

A new console/display groups the vehicle’s information: speed, engine, rate, variable hydraulic track control etc.

This is incorporated within a new electrically adjustable armrest, while a new pivoting, high-comfort seat automatically adapts to the driver’s weight.

Hydraulic ground clearance is available on the 4,200 and 5,200-litre mid cab version with 1.25 to 1.8m clearance.

* The demand for a simple mechanical seed drill suited to sowing areas of crop such as wildlife cover has led Italian firm Matermacc to look at the UK and Irish market.

While such technology was the main method of establishing combinable crops a few decades ago, with the advent of new pneumatic drills and minimal or no-tillage crop establishment, most machines were sold off, or retired.

Linkage mounted, the Grano drills are available in sizes from 2.5-6.0m, and can be specified as seed-only or seed/fertiliser versions.

Coulter choice includes conventional Suffolk, single disc, double disc and double disc with press wheel.

Coulter pressure can be easily altered via a central adjustment.

The seed hopper, which is equipped with an acoustic low-level alarm and seed agitators, has a capacity of 283-670 litres, depending on which model, and is accessed via a full-width platform and an easy-to-open lid.

* Kverneland will showcase the follow-up to their recent introduction of the 6m hydraulic folding U-Drill.

The firm has added 3m and 4m rigid frame versions to the range.

Designed to maintain even sowing depths at high forward speeds of up to 18kph, these smaller models of U-Drill also feature electrically-driven seed metering.

They are available in grain only, and combined grain/fertiliser versions, which are badged U-Drill Plus.

The 3m U-Drill 3000 and 4m U-Drill 4000 models offer six working zones, including a front-mounted 800mm packer, two rows of 450mm conical discs, an offset wheel packer, CD coulters with a 12.5cm row spacing and up to 100kg of coulter pressure, backed up by a choice of following harrow.

* Five-metre trailed and 3m mounted examples from Great Plains’ new X-PressVX range can be seen at work in the field for the first time in the UK or Ireland at Tillage-Live in mid-September.

The X-PressVX has a new-look chassis, which accommodates a range of new specification options, without compromising the generous amount of trash clearance between both sets of discs and the rear roller.

Manually operated on mounted units and hydraulically operated on trailed machines, depth adjustment has been updated to bring the X-PressVX in line with other machines within the range.

All X-PressVX models fold down to three metres for transport.

Trailed units utilise a ‘wheels over the back’ design, which, together with a wide axle track, increases stability during road transport.


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