Technology: Versatile machine makes fencing a one-person job

Vector Powerdrive has just developed its latest self-propelled, tracked post driver.

This offering from the Irish fencing specialist manufacturer is targeted for contract or professional fencing operations.

The Vector Powerdrive Model 8 is based on a tracked dumper. This platform gives the machine a very low centre of gravity and a light footprint.

According to the Kilkenny-based firm, this enables it to operate in the most difficult and challenging terrain with minimal surface damage.

The machine has added versatility because when it is not required for fencing, the fencing unit can easily be removed, and the dumper body refitted.

The fencing unit design allows for easy one-person operation, from a bank of hydraulic controls.

One of the standard features is a rock spike, which the manufactures say can be used to bore holes in very hard conditions, such as rock or concrete.

Also standard is a mesh wire straining device, dispensing points for mesh wire, barbed and standard high-tensile fencing wire.

One of the most unique features of the new Model 8 is its hydraulically powered slewing arm. The arm features a unique 220 degrees slewing angle, which makes the post driver an extremely versatile machine.

The slewing arm design makes it possible to drive fencing stakes or posts from either side of the tracked vehicle. In addition to the slewing angle, the post-driver can extend outwards telescopically.

The post driver itself boasts a mast which carries the weighted hammer, which can be tilted left and right 300 degrees.

The post driver also features an integrated support jack, which helps to stabilise the machine, when required.

Along with the stabilising jack, the post driver has a counterbalance weight of 600kg at the end of the post driver, to improve stability.

The team at Vector Powerdrive can build the entire post-unit on a new or used donor vehicle, supplied by Vector Powerdrive or the customer.

As a result, the retail price varies from €40,000 to €50,000, plus VAT.


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