Tech focus: John Deere drive takes top awards at FIMA fair

John Deere innovations have been recognised at the recent FIMA fair in Zaragoza, Spain and the Fieragricola 2016 event in Verona, Italy — just reward for the company’s US$1.425 billion annual spend on research and development, or 5.1% of John Deere equipment sales.

The FIMA technical committee classified three John Deere systems as outstanding innovations and rated seven concepts as technical innovations, while another system received a special mention.

The Fieragricola jury classified four John Deere innovations as outstanding technical solutions.

The three outstanding innovations award winners at FIMA 2016 included the John Deere EZ Ballast flexible system to quickly link a 1.7-tonne ballast weight to the bottom of the tractor chassis, from the operator cab.

Also a winner was the intelligent four-wheel drive system to automatically optimise the distribution of traction force on tractors equipped with four-wheel drive.

The third award went to the John Deere ProCut system which monitors the clearance space between the knives and the shearbar of a self-propelled forage harvester’s chopping unit, on-the-go.

The seven technical innovations winners included the John Deere active yield system which automates the time consuming calibration steps required to measure crop yields. 

The DynaFlo Plus/Active Concave Isolation cleaning system on W and T-series combines represents a new generation of cleaning shoe. Active concave isolation helps to prevent damage from the build-up of material in the rotors of S-Series combines.

The John Deere ExactEmerge high performance planter provides new levels of accuracy at high planting speeds of up to 10mph (16kph).

The MyJobsManager is the basis for a suite of mobile apps (iOS & Android) designed to simplify and automate the entire job and data management of the digital and mobile office.

Another technical Innovations winner at FIMA 2016 is MyLogistics, designed to optimise the operational logistics of interacting machines (regardless of make and model), for example, during forage harvesting, manure spreading etc.

The same award went to John Deere Stone Detection, a new feature on self-propelled forage harvesters that helps to prevent damage from stones and foreign bodies.

The Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Fibre sprayer boom for self-propelled sprayers won an award for its innovative design using carbon fibre material which is around 5.5 times stronger than steel, while considerably lighter than either steel or aluminium spray boom designs.

The AutoTrac Vision hybrid steering system won for optimising sprayer operation in well-established crops (such as maize), by continuously merging two data streams — a GPS correctional signal, and the available image data that has been recorded by an onboard camera system.

There was a special mention at FIMA 2016 for the John Deere 3600 3D Camera System Partner system to monitor the immediate periphery of a machine, displaying up to six different types of view to enhance the operator’s visibility on tractors and harvesting machinery by providing a 360° degree surround view, which helps facilitate manoeuvring in tight spots.

Three-star innovation awards at Fieragricola 2016 went to iTEC AutoLearn and Active Fill Control Sync.

The former is the world’s first self-learning headland management tool for a tractor.

The headland management system automatically records all handling steps which are activated by the driver and saves useful commands to propose their re-use on the next suitable occasion.

The Active Fill Control Sync integrates a silage harvester’s “intelligent” spout control and synchronisation of transport vehicles with the forager, relieving driver stress.

Two Star awards went to both John Deere’s Intelligent Four-Wheel Drive System and ProCut System.


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