Sorry all. Here's today's Irish Examiner Farming crossword clues

Due to a technical issue the crossword which usually appears on the back page of the newspaper's Farming supplement ran today without the clues.

This is not an attempt by us to reinvent the genre as some have suggested on Twitter but rather a good old fashioned and unfortunate gremlin in the works.

We apologise to all for the inconvenience and if you'd like to complete this week's puzzle please find the missing clues listed below the crossword panel.

Sorry all. Here's today's Irish Examiner Farming crossword clues


5 A Jewish temple? (9)

6 To sound the strings of a guitar? (5)

7 Brewed in pot, cosy if covered? (3)

9 Giant deer once roamed Ireland? (3)

10 Preaches in 5 across? (5)

12 Reginald’s Tower is a landmark in this city? (9)


1 Khomeini held this Grand title as Iranian leader? (9)

2 Capital of Afghanistan? (5)

3 Small wheel in a big machine? (3)

4 German printer was the first to use a press? (9)

8 Third largest city in Israel? (5)

11 “The Foggy ___”, Irish ballad that chronicles Easter Rising? (3)

By way of an apology we are opening up this week's competition to everyone so just enter as usual using the usual newspaper form or print out this page and add your details and completed answers and post to us at address attached.

Sorry all. Here's today's Irish Examiner Farming crossword clues

Last week’s solutions:

Across: 5 Universal, 6 Fence, 7 LCD, 9 Roy, 10 Guild, 12 Recumbent.

Down: 1 Envelopes, 2 Avoca, 3 Ark, 4 Barcelona, 8 Turbo, 11 Pun.

Last week’s winner:

Aine Roche, Mitchelstown,

Co. Cork.


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