Self-lubricating cuts tractor maintenance by 21 hours a year

The first fully battery-powered tractor is one of John Deere’s winners for innovation at the SIMA 2017 show, which gets under in Paris on Sunday.

For John Deere’s 6R Series tractor with 1,000 operating hours annually, greasing time for the tractor and its implements can be reduced by 21 hours a year, by using the company’s new Smart AutoLube system, which is a silver award winner for innovation at the SIMA 2017 show, which gets under way in Paris on Sunday.

According to the tractor company, Smart AutoLube also improves the machines’ life expectancy, service costs and resale value.

This new system automatically greases all lubrication points on the tractor and its ISOBUS-controlled implements.

The tractor driver can choose auto, custom, or manual mode.

Greasing intervals and quantities depend on tractor usage and loads, implements used.

Targeted lubrication of single maintenance points is an option. The system also warns if the lubricant level is too low.

  • There’s a special mention in the SIMA awards for John Deere’s SESAM (Sustainable Energy Supply for Agricultural Machinery) tractor, the industry’s first fully battery-powered tractor.

This emission-free prototype machine runs at the lowest possible noise levels, an advantage when operating close to residential areas, or at night.

It produces 130kW of continuous power, with a speed range from 3 to 50kph, high torque at low speeds, and maximum output of around 400 horse power.

No energy losses when idling is another feature.

In standard mode, one of the two maintenance-free electric motors operates the drive-train, and the other is used for the PTO and auxiliary systems.

If required, both motors can be linked together in order to supply full power, either for driving on the road or for PTO and hydraulic work.

A battery charge lasts for up to four hours in typical mixed mode operations, or about 34 miles of road transport.

The charging time is about three hours.

The battery is designed to last for 3,100 charging cycles.

  • There’s a special mention in the awards also for John Deere’s ExactApply intelligent spray nozzle system. It enables a much wider range of variation in spraying speed and application rate, allowing forward speeds from 10 to 30kph at a constant spraying pressure, or varying the output from 100 to 300 litres/ha at a constant spraying speed.

Its less drift-prone droplet spectrum is recommended for buffer zones or changing weather conditions.

Increased application accuracy when spraying in curves is claimed.

Each nozzle has an individual LED light to improve night-time operations, and a blockage detection system warning on the cab display.


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