Second GM maize likely to be produced in the EU

A European Court of Justice decision has paved the way for the approval of a second genetically modified maize in the European Union.

Currently, just one GM crop — Monsanto’s MON810 maize — is allowed to be grown in Europe.

It is cultivated, in relatively small quantities, in Spain and Portugal.

Production of a second permitted crop — BASF’s Amflora potatoes — was abandoned.

Now, a 12-year-old filing, for permission to cultivate TC1507 maize, developed by Dow-Pioneer, will be back on the agenda of EU environment ministers at their next meeting, on Dec 13, after the European Court of Justice found there had been an unjustified delay in examining the application.

The European Food Safety Authority has given it a clean bill of health, and the 28 EU ministers will decide, by qualified majority-voting, to approve or reject the application.

But if there is not clear, majority support, the decision returns to the European Commission, which is likely to approve TC1507, because of EFSA’s findings and the threat of European Court fines.


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