Ready-to-Go 79-Acre Dairy Farm near Innishannon

This 79-acre residential dairy farm is for sale near Innishannon, Co Cork.

Situated just 4km to the east of Innishannon, Co Cork, a 79-acre residential dairy farm in the townland of Killaminoge offers a complete package for someone looking to get into dairying.

The property is in a good location in an area strong in dairying and close to important markets such as Cork city (24km) and Bandon (10km).

There is no shortage of strong dairying operations within striking distance of this farm.

As such, there is already a good deal of interest locally in this substantially sized complete farm.

“It’s a 79-acre dairy farm with a modern dairy unit for about 100 cows,” says Ernest Forde of Clonakilty-based Hodnett-Forde auctioneers, who are handling the sale jointly with Mike Brady of The Brady Group in Cork.

“It’s all under one roof with a ten-unit parlour.

“There’s a separate slatted unit as well.”

The agents say that the farm has a good yard going with it to complete a rare, ready-to-go package.

“There’s good road access there,” says Ernest.

“It has road access on two sides really, even though it’s very limited on its northern boundary, because it’s a little bit hilly up into it.”

The dwelling consists of a modern four-bedroom bungalow.

According to the selling agents, it is in “perfect condition.”

It comes with a detached garage — and can be made available to any interested party as a separate lot.

The land, according to Ernest, is of very good quality throughout, with only a small portion of it (about four acres) that is a bit heavier than the rest, but which still has the potential to be brought up to premium level.

“The majority of the farm is good, level land.”

Although the initial aim is to sell the entire holding as one, the nature of the ensuing demand may yet result in the farm being sold in lots.

These are very early days yet, as the property is just new to the market, but the proposed lots are:

n The house on 1.5 acres.

n The 73-acre holding including the farmyard.

n 4.5 acres.

The latter lot is physically separated from the bulk of the farm by a minor public road, and it’s very possible that in the final analysis, this portion will end up being sold separately, while the rest of the farm will be sold as one.

“We would see it as a unit that some bigger dairy farmer might buy, if they had a couple of sons, for example,” says Ernest.

“You could buy 90 cows and you might buy your feed somewhere else, but it would be a great farm for putting a son in there.

“You’re only 20 minutes from Cork city, so you’re very close to the larger operations on the south side of Cork, and we’d see our market as being most likely to come from that kind of area.”

This is perhaps a more likely scenario than the farm being of interest to someone going fresh into dairying, as the holding is a little bit small for the modern era.

It is, however, a ready-made package, and there aren’t too many of those around, so it may yet suit the beginner dairy farmer who can always expand later on.

There won’t be any entitlements with this farm.

There are some minor entitlements attached to it, according to the agents, but these may be offered separately after the farm has sold.

It hasn’t been operating as a dairy farm for the last few years, according to the agents, but it is still in a ready state for the next owner to operate an efficient dairying operation, in a market where the outlook appears positive.

The bulk of the land should make around €12,000 per acre, while the price for the house and the other 4.5 acres will be determined by whatever demand develops.


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