Pulsation that sucks like a calf

Now there is a mini-version for calves of the DeLaval swinging brush which cows have been enjoying.

A significant reduction in mastitis cases is claimed for the CoPulsation system, which was launched at the Livestock Event in the UK.

This technology incorporates two co-dependent solenoids to improve pulsation.

Unlike conventional pulsation, CoPulsation has one solenoid dedicated to the vacuum supply, and another to the fresh air supply.

This eliminates mixing of the vacuum and fresh air supply sources and permits the use of a very large diameter fresh air inlet, thus eliminating air flow restrictions in conventional pulsators.

The result is a liner action that more closely simulates the natural gentle milking action of a calf, a gentler compressive massage on the full length of the teat instead of the pinching-like action of a conventional pulsator.

Tests have shown a consistent and longer lasting peak flow rate, and faster milking, with CoPulsation.

Designed to prevent cross-contamination by eliminating backflow of milk, it is widely used in the USA and Holland. It was launched at the Livestock Event by UK distributor OptiFlo Milking Systems.

Also at the show in Birmingham, DeLaval introduced a mini version of their swinging brush, designed for calves and goats. According to the manufacturer, it improves calf and goat health and keeps them calm and clean.

The brush has a 24 volt motor and is adaptable in height to adjust to the size of the fast growing animals, making it suitable for calves between three and 12 months. It begins to rotate at a gentle speed when a calf comes into contact with it, and it moves up, over, and alongside the animal.

When the calf walks away, the energy-saving automatic cut-off feature stops the brush rotation. The hard-wearing nylon bristles are designed to clean their hides and stimulate blood circulation.

At the Livestock Event, the Spreadwise company showed a 12m slim-line umbilical slurry Dribble Bar applicator, designed to allow transport of both applicator and hose reelers on a single linkage.

Up to 2,000m of hose can be carried on a single tractor’s front and rear linkages, for slurry supply to the slimline dribble bars designed for accurate placement of slurry, fittted with macerator to minimise blockages.

Volac showed the MilkShuttle calf milk transporter made by the Urban company, with the added option of an integrated pasteuriser.

Short-time heating at 63C kills bacteria, while nutrients are preserved.

The Urban MilkShuttle Pasteur also has a cooling unit, cool down pasteurised milk.

Ecohoof launched their Blue Clay Shoes accessory for hoof trimmers and farmers, and announced a £500,000 project on digital dermatitis eradication, in collaboration with Edinburgh University.

Blue Clay Shoes is a paint-on bactericidal poultice for use after hoof trimming, designed for penetration and extended effect on deep tissue infection


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