Plenty of potential at 31-acre holding at the edge of Buttevant

Situated in the townland of Lackaroe on the outskirts of Buttevant, just east of the famous village, a 31-acre holding listed with O’Connell Auctioneers in the town is a residential farm with plenty of potential for buyers.

Its situation alone will not only attract plenty of farming interest but also those interested in living near the town and looking for a hobby farm.

The land is all in grass and is naturally divided into two lots by the public road.

Both sections enjoy a large amount of road frontage.

Being so close to the town, the question of housing development potential may be one that a lot of people will be asking. But this is a property of purely agricultural value, although part of this holding was once zoned residential.

“There are roughly 20 acres of excellent land in one block,” says Mallow-based selling agent John O’Connell, “and about 10 acres with a little house on it.”

This latter section of land is good but not top-of-the-range, says the auctioneer.

The dwelling is set below the road, a small house of some charm within walking distance of the considerable amenities of Buttevant.

The house is described as sound and habitable, a three-bed property with an outbuilding.

The level of interest locally is naturally strong.

It’s not every day that a substantial piece of land comes up for sale so close to the village.

“The holding is small and compact and accessible, and there are a good few dairy farmers around,” says John, who adds that there are also people looking at it with a more long-term investment approach.

With regard to price, the expectation is that the farm will realise a price more or less in line with average national values.

“We’d expect it to make around €320,000 or €330,000, somewhere in that bracket.”

Locally, farming is predominately dairying and dry cattle, so there should have plenty of bidders for this grass farm.


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