Planning for 2013 from lessons of 2012

As this is the last article of 2012, I would like to wish all readers a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2013.

As always, in beef farming, once one year comes to an end, the cycle of another year instantly begins again.

What lessons have we learned from 2012 and what are we going to change to improve our farming practice in 2013?

It is important that we look back at records from previous years in order to improve planning for the next year.

Make a list of your production results for the year relative to targets.

Calves born

Mortality rates

Disease Incidence

Vet calls for sick animals

Empty cows

Live weight gain per day




Grass grown per ha

Cattle Kill out performance. Grades, fat covers and prices achieved.

Meal purchases

Fertilise usage

Etc… List any other things you feel are important to your business


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