The warm bran drink traditionally given to cows after calving now has a modern equivalent: An easily digestible, tasty energy drink to quickly rehydrate and replenish mineral loss in the cow.

Farm-O-San Reviva, produced by Trouw Nutrition, also contains added vitamins.

Given to the cow once, immediately after calving and before ad libitum intake of water, it contributes to the cow’s activity and stimulates earlier roughage intake.

The manufacturer says trials have shown that dairy cows given Farm-O-San Reviva directly after calving increased their dry matter intake by about 1kg per day, compared with cows that did not receive the energy drink, and blood calcium levels return to normal much faster, compared to cows only receiving warm water.

A trial demonstrated that the percentage of cows accepting Farm-O-San Reviva directly after calving, compared with a competitor’s energy drink, was significantly higher because it is enriched with a flavouring agent that cows find very appetising.

The product can help cows through the demanding transition from a relatively stress-free dry period to colostrum and milk production in the space of a few hours.

During calving, a cow can lose 50 litres of fluid, so rehydration is the first issue, then rebalancing the vitamin and mineral levels, for which calcium is a critical requirement.

Vitamin D is added to aid mobilisation of calcium from the cow’s own body reserves.

Glucose and dextrose supply an energy boost and encourage the cow to become active and start consuming roughage.

To maintain the cow’s immune system, vitamin e, selenium, and vitamin A are included.

The orange-coloured drink is prepared by adding 1kg to 10 litres of warm water (40 degrees C), and topping up with 10 litres of cool water.


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