News Q&A: Entitlements 2015-2019
Basic Payment Scheme national average is €184.34.

The Statement of 2015-2019 Basic Payment Scheme and Greening Payment Entitlements was recently issued to all eligible farmers.

All queries relating to the statements should be directed to the Department’s CAP Direct Payments Information Centre (by email to or by telephone to 0761 064447).

The Centre opening hours are 9.15am-12.30pm, and 2-5pm.

The Centre has issued the following guide to the statements.

How are the number and value of my 2015-2019 entitlements established?

The number of BPS entitlements is allocated based on the eligible land declared by you on your 2013 SPS application and your 2015 BPS application, whichever is the lesser.

The reference value is established based on a fixed percentage (65.79%) of your owned 2014 SPS entitlements, and any payments you received under the 2014 Grassland Sheep Scheme.

This reference value is then divided by your number of entitlements allocated (that is, the lesser of 2013/2015 declared eligible land) to establish your 2015 base unit value per entitlement.

If the 2015 base unit value is below 90% of the national average unit value (€165.90), your entitlements will increase over the five years of the scheme, by one third of the difference between your base unit value and 90% of the national average unit value.

All entitlements will reach a minimum of 60% of the BPS National Average by 2019.

If your 2015 base unit value is above the national average unit value, the value of your entitlement in excess of the national average will be subject to a gradual reduction, to fund those farmers whose entitlements are converging upwards.

No farmer shall receive a payment greater than €700 per hectare by 2019 (€486.09 per entitlement).

What is the BPS National Average value?

The BPS National Average is €184.34.

Why is the value of my entitlements less than in 2014?

In 2014, payment is based solely on the value of entitlements. In 2015, the payment is based on entitlements and the greening payment. Also, all entitlements have a set convergence path established from 2015 to 2019.

What is the greening percentage?

In 2015, the greening percentage is 44%.

How is the greening payment calculated?

This greening percentage is calculated by dividing the value of all activated entitlements each year into the greening ceiling of that year. For 2015, the greening percentage is 44%. 

The value of your activated entitlements is then multiplied by 44% to give the greening payment. This is subject to fulfilling greening criteria as outlined in BPS Terms and Conditions of Scheme of that year.

Why is my provisional statement different to my final statement?

There are a number of reasons the provisional statement is different from the final statement, for example:

(i) The current statement reflects the 2015 eligible land, whereas the provisional statement was estimated based on 2013 and 2014 data only, 2015 data was unavailable.

(ii)The provisional statement was established based on an estimated national average using 2013 land only, as 2015 land was unavailable.

(iii) Changes may have taken place to the number of eligible hectares declared in 2013 or 2015, such as land errors resolved or plots digitised.

(iv) The value of the entitlements held by you in 2014 may have changed, for example, processed transfers.

(v) The value of your Grassland Sheep payment in 2014 may have changed.

(vi) Transfers processed under the 2014 SPS or 2015 BPS Schemes may have altered your entitlement position.

Why did I not receive an allocation of entitlements?

To be eligible to have received an automatic allocation of entitlements under the new CAP Reform in 2015, you must have been eligible to receive a direct payment greater than €100 under the 2013 Scheme year (Single Payment Scheme, Grassland Sheep Scheme, Burren Life, and Beef Data Scheme).

You must have been an active farmer in 2015, that is, submitted a 2015 BPS application with eligible land.

Farmers who did not submit a valid 2015 BPS application form are not eligible to receive an ‘automatic allocation’ right under the new CAP Reform.

If the registration details of your herd number changed, it was necessary for applicants to submit a valid Transfer of Reference Value and Allocation Right application form, to have the allocation rights and reference value transferred to the new owner.

The closing date for these applications was May 29, 2015.

If you did not qualify for an automatic allocation right, and you never held entitlements (either owned or leased) and had verifiable evidence of production in the sheep, dairy, arable or beef sectors on May 15, 2013, it was possible to submit an application under the ‘Scottish Derogation’ measure of the Basic Payment Scheme.

This gave an allocation of entitlements which converged upwards to 60% of the BPS National Average by 2019. The ‘Scottish Derogation’closing date was May 29, 2015.

In addition, a Statement of Entitlements did not issue to any farmer who has an outstanding entitlement application with the Department.


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