New shredders for use on field borders, road verges, pastures

The BP 28 is one of Kuhn's new multi-purpose rotary shredders, and the TBE 22

Kuhn Farm Machinery has added three new machines to its range of grassland and roadside shredders.

The new additions include a 2.4 metre model added to its BP series of landscape maintenance shredders and two new offset verge shredders.

The BP 24 extends the range of multi-purpose shredders joining the existing BP 28 with a 2.79m working width and BP 30 with its 3.03m working width.

The BP range is designed for shredding all kinds of grassy areas, from field borders and road verges to pastures.

The new machine is fitted with a central fixed linkage system to keep costs down, compared to the larger BP 28 and BP 30 which are available with a hydraulic sideways shifting linkage.

As with all machines in the BP range, the casing of the BP 24 is constructed from 6mm metal with 8mm sidewalls.

One notched and one smooth counter-blade are welded to the casing.

The BP’s shredding rotor is constructed from 10mm metal, and is fitted with eight rows of cutting tools.

Kuhn supplies grass cutting hammer knives fitted as standard, but the BP can also be fitted with optional heavy hammers or articulated knives for heavier work.

The cutting tools are arranged in a helical pattern to give a clean cutting action, and to produce good residue suction and spread.

The rotor is driven by four high-capacity XPB V-belts and operates at either 540 or 1,000 rpm.

A 220mm self-cleaning roller, with either fixed or removable ends, controls cutting height, and is positioned very close to the cutting rotor, n order to improve ground following.

A pair of pivoting wheels to the rear of the shredder casing provides additional support.

Opitional support skids can be attached to the sides of the casing for extra protection.

n The TBE 10 series is completely new in the Kuhn range of offset verge shredders.

At launch, the series consists of the TBE 19 with a 1.79m working width, and the TBE 22 with a 2.14m width.

The new machines can be used with tractors in the 60-110 horse power range, and are designed for carrying out all types of farm maintenance and verge shredding duties.

Both machines use a robust linkage system which incorporates a 100mm by 100mm cross-section frame constructed from 8mm metal, and a category-2 anti-rotation drawbar linkage.

The TBE range uses a double-acting cylinder for offset adjustments, and a single-acting cylinder for working in a vertical position. Working angles range from minus 65 degrees to plus 90 degrees.

Both shredders have an offset range of 695mm, allowing the machines to be used directly behind the tractor or to one side. Rearward adjustment can be up to 1,850mm.

The offset cutting arm boasts dimensions of 140mm by 60mm, and is fitted with anti-rotation arm pins mounted on hollow seal rings. The arm’s pivot pins are also mounted on hollow seal rings.

Shredding is carried out by a 425mm diameter rotor which can be equipped with Kuhn’s heavy hammer or universal cutting knives. Two counter knives are also welded to the shredders casing.

The cutting rotor is driven by either three or four high capacity belts which sit on wide diameter pulleys for optimum power transfer.

A standard transmission or constant-velocity option can be specified. Both are protected by a non-stop mechanical safety system.

Ground following is controlled by a 168mm fixed end roller, with long-life Hardox skids bolted to the base of the housing.


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