More to new forestry programme than trees

The new Forestry Programme covering the 2014-2020 period will consist of 11 separate measures, according to Teagasc forestry advisors.


Afforestation and Creation of Woodland:

Support for establishment, and 15 premium payments for the creation of new forests.

This measure includes afforestation, agro-forestry, forestry for fibre, and native woodland establishment.


NeighbourWood Scheme:

Provides support for development of attractive ‘close-to- home’ woodland amenities for public access, use and enjoyment.

This measure is aimed primarily at local authorities.


Forest Roads:

Support for construction of forest roads is provided under this measure.


Reconstitution Scheme:

Support for forest holders to restore and retain forests following significant damage by natural causes.


Woodland Improvement (Thinning and Tending):

This scheme provides support for forest management operations for broadleaf woodlands and actions within existing forests, which effect structural changes aimed at protecting and enhancing water quality and other environmental sensitivities.


Native Woodland Conservation Scheme:

Supports protection and enhancement of existing native woodlands and, where appropriate, the conversion of conifers forest to native woodlands.

This measure is focused on important native woodland types and opportunities for habitat linkage, and on environmentally sensitive areas, with a view to realising wider ecosystem services such as water protection.


Producer Groups:

Support is provided under this measure to help forest holders to work together to create a critical mass for forestry operations and mobilising timber.


Knowledge Transfer and Innovation:

Supports the setting up of knowledge transfer groups, continuous professional development and training.


Innovative Forest Technology:

Support for early adopters of new technology, such as variable tyre systems, inventory equipment.


Forest Genetic Reproductive Material:

Annual payment towards the cost of managing and conserving registered seed stands and establishing seed orchards.


Forest Management Plans:

Support for forest holders to prepare management plans for their holdings.

The 11 measures of the new Forestry Programme 2014-2020 will be gradually rolled out; therefore, not all details are available yet.

Further detailed forestry grants information can be found on the  website, where you can also find contact details for your local Teagasc forestry adviser, who can provide free advice and information.


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