Machinery and Equipment: T6 range takes New Holland to new six-cylinder torque levels

Cab view of the New Holland T6 series.

New Holland’s sleek tractor family styling has been unveiled at the launch of the T6 all-purpose tractor series.

With New Holland’s ECO-Blue Hi-eSCR technology, the new T6 complies with Stage IVB emissions standards.

With this after-treatment system, the engine breathes clean air, while optimising combustion, torque rise and fuel efficiency.

The T6 engines achieve better performance by maximising power output from each cylinder.

The new engine control unit brings the engine to maximum torque faster, outperforming the previous generation’s power unit.

Engine Power Management develops more power and torque according to the load on the transmission, hydraulics and PTO.

On the T6.165, that can deliver up to 33hp extra when it’s needed to maintain performance.

Engine Speed Management maintains engine speed under changing loads, for applications that require a constant PTO speed, or a fixed forward speed in difficult terrain.

The T6.175 AutoCommand model at the top of the range, featuring a 175hp four-cylinder engine, is designed to meet the requirements of customers looking for power-to-weight ratio and CVT transmission.

The Horizon cab provides dual-zone air conditioning , an enhanced instrument panel, noise levels reduced to 69dBa, and the Sidewinder II armrest that puts all the controls at the operator’s fingertips in the Auto Command models (mid-mounted remote valves also heklp with operating the front linkage or a loader).

In addition to the basic seat, Comfort, Dynamic Comfort, and Auto Comfort choices are available.

The Auto Comfort active seat with incorporated climate control reduces whole body vibration as much as 40%, and extraction fans within the seat remove moisture, lowering surface humidity and temperature.

The cab offers good visibility in all directions, with a single-piece windscreen, 5.85 square metres of glass and, for loader work, a high-visibility roof panel.

In addition, all T6 models feature standard LED work lights for after-daylight operation. The base eight LED lights deliver 10,000 lumens, 60% brighter than the work lights on the previous generation.

The wheel base of all models is now similar to the previous six-cylinder range, at 2,642mm, and the tractors retain a tight turning radius of 4,300mm. The SuperSteer front axle is also designed for improved manoeuvrability.

For maximum comfort at high transport speeds, the Terraglide suspended front axle cushions the operator from shocks when travelling over uneven surfaces. In the field, it maintains contact between the tyre and the ground, thus improving traction.

The new T6 can be ordered from the factory IntelliSteer-ready, or with the complete IntelliSteer package installed and ready to use.

The Isobus Class II option makes it easy to monitor and control all implements, using the tractor’s monitor.

Auto Command models can interact further with implements, using Isobus Class III.

The new T6 comes fully loader-ready from the factory, and a choice of New Holland loaders is available.

The six-cylinder T6.180 tops the range, with a maximum torque of 740Nm, making it the only six-cylinder tractor in this category on the market.

Electro Command transmission can be specified with an additional direct drive 17th gear that allows either a 50km/hour transport speed, or 40km/hr at reduced engine speed, for lower fuel consumption. 

The standard IntelliShift technology automatically selects the right gear for the job, improving the quality of the gear shift.

T6.145, T6.155, T6.165 and T6.175 models are also available with the advanced Auto Command continuously variable transmission.

This transmission benefits from multiple direct drive points, with 100% mechanical efficiency, precision engineered to match the most frequently used speeds during cultivation, especially of high value vegetable crops, and transport.

It now includes tailored transmission settings.

The “soft” setting is suitable for gentle direction changes, perfect during high speed transport or when working on slippery surfaces.

The standard setting is for normal field activities.

And the super-fast aggressive setting is ideal when near instantaneous direction changes are required.


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