Limerick ICA: Theresa Storey’s cookery book soars to top 10 in list of bestsellers

A book written by a Limerick ICA member has made the top 10 bestseller list in hardback non-fiction. Limerick Federation’s contest/ produce officer Theresa Storey recently published her first cookery book, Fruit on the Table.

“Using the harvest, especially our wild fruit is something I’m quite passionate about,” says Theresa, a Ballingarry Guild member since 2009, who decided to write a book focusing on fruit because fruit is so readily available and easy to grow.

“Anyone can plant some fruit trees or bushes at home, the plants produce year after year and they take very little work to maintain,” she says.

As a child growing up in Co Clare, Theresa helped her mother — then a very active member of Tradaree Guild — to make pies and preserves from the family’s own fruit.

“Mom gave me my own strawberry plants when I was about 12. I made my first ever jam from their fruit. Since then I’ve been hooked on growing my own and preserving the harvest.”

Over the years, Theresa has been asked many times by friends what they can do with an abundance of rhubarb or an orchard full of apples.

“In the book I give many recipes, tips and ideas to make best use of this bounty,” says the woman who has a stand at Limerick Milk Market every Saturday morning.

Fruit on the Table follows the fruit year.

“I’ve featured fruit that’s readily available to us in Ireland — either grown here or in the shops but imported, like citrus fruit,” she says.

Included are recipes for Theresa’s awardwinning apricot orange and almond conserve, sweet recipes such as rhubarb and coriander meringue pie and boozy butterscotch bananas, as well as savoury recipes like strawberry and spinach salad or tomato and goat cheese tarts.

Theresa admits to having favourite recipes. “I invented the mojito marmalade because I love the taste of lemon and lime mixed with mint. The mint adds freshness to the marmalade. My favourite recipe is the lemon curd.”

As produce promoter/ contest secretary for the last year, Theresa is very impressed by the quality of the work Limerick ICA members produce.

“The wonderful flower arrangements they create for competitions would win them awards anywhere. We’ve started a ‘show and tell’ at each federation meeting — members bring in their crafts and produce and talk about how and what they’re making. The craftsmanship is second to none.”

‘Fruit on the Table’ is published by O’Brien Press and costs €20


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