ICBF active dairybull list 2012

The Active Bull list shows the top 75 Active AI Sires and the EBI details are based on the December 2011 genetic evaluations.

The total list of Active AI Sires (dairy and beef) together with their availability, price and supplier is on the website at www.icbf.com These dairy bulls have an average EBI of €212, (+ €14 on the previous year). This comes mainly from an increase in the Fertility Sub-Index.The EBI’s range from €254 down to €190. Approximately half of the list are Genomic Bulls with the remainder being Daughter Proven.

In 2001 there were just two Irish bred bulls on the list. Most of the imported bulls have come from Holland, New Zealand and North America. This changed around 2009 when the first of the G€N€ IR€LAND bulls arrived and there are now 29 Irish bulls on the list.

The fact that the Bull O-Bee Manfred Justice — ‘OJI’ has been the sire of so many sons on the bull lists over the last few years was a concern to farmers as regards possible inbreeding.

So G€N€ Ireland has moved away from selecting more sons of ‘OJI’, over the last few years.

The list contains Bulls whose semen is available and are;

1. Daughter proven, (Irish and international) where the EBI reliability is >=35% and a calving difficulty evaluation in the country of 1st origin of >=50% or

2. Genomically selected bulls, where the bulls have an EBI based on Irish genomic data, an EBI reliability of >=35% and a calving difficulty evaluation in the country of 1st origin of >=50%. These bulls have breeding values for EBI and the 6 Sub Indices together with trait information on 9 Key Profit Traits. None of the Bulls are carriers of genetic defects e.g. CVM or BLAD.

* For more info check out the website.


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