Growth of many cereal crops halted by bad weather

Bad weather brought growth of many cereal crops to a stop last week, according to the Teagasc tillage crop report.

As a result, winter crop growth stages for the last week of April were at normal levels, having been ahead of normal earlier.

Stress symptoms were still evident in many crops, especially barley.

Oats looked the best of the winter cereals, with most crops at growth stage 32/33.

Many winter wheat crops were due their first main fungicide, but spraying conditions were difficult.

The third last leaf was emerged in southern crops, but still was a week away in northern crops.

Septoria disease pressure had been recorded during each week of April on the Teagasc Better farms. There were some reports of mildew active, especially where early season control was omitted.

Disease levels in winter barley were low, but rhyncho was increasing.

With most crops at growth stage 33, awns were peeping in very advanced crops.

Stress speckling from a combination of weather effects and chemical applications was common, especially in two-rows. BYDV symptoms were common in crops.

Ramularia was at the base of some advanced crops, and may be prevalent this year, given the recent weather. Most crops now need plant growth regulator.

Spring crops had established well, but growth had slowed and nitrogen and phosphorous deficiency symptoms were starting to show. Low levels of early net blotch had been reported.

Growth stages varied from two leaf to tillering. Spray delays were not too problematic, because weed growth was slow and aphid numbers average. However, annual meadow grass levels were higher than normal.


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