Gay marriage hope for loveless farmers

As you well know, I have never been one to turn my back when romance is mentioned.

So naturally, I was all ears when a question on marriage was posed inthe recent Irish Examiner ICMSA farming survey.

Farmers were asked if they were in favour of gay marriage.

Some 46% of the farmers polled said that they were all for it. And this positive response came as no great surprise to a man like me.

Sure aren’t we all in favour of gay marriage really, when you think about it.

A happy, gay, merry marriage is surely the great hope and dream of every man.

Of course we are in favour of a gay marriage. The gayer the better, if you ask me.

The real question with regards to marriage in rural Ireland should not be about how gay it is; the question should really be — why isn’t there more of it about?

Marriage is a bit like broadband out here, many areas seem to be completely without it.

So it shouldn’t really be a question on gay marriage, but a question on what more can be done to deliver marriage to those hard to reach places?

As you well know, I’m blue in the face from highlighting the lack of help that exists at present with regards to coupling in rural Ireland.

I have been ploughing that particular lonely furrow for many years now.

And I intend to keep on ploughing until something is done.

And right now, while rural Ireland is suffering from a marriage famine, in the corridors of power the only concern seems to be about this fellow who has been appointed to some fancy position in a museum.

We seem to be more concerned about old relics gathering dust in a museum than we do about single men left on the shelf.

The simple truth is, that the single man in rural Ireland needs action.

He needs guidance.

I strongly feel that a Minister for Romance and Rural Affairs, should be appointed immediately.

A minister who will grab the bull by the horns, with both hands if necessary. A minister who will ensure that rural marriage is pushed like never before.

We need someone who will sit down and look at great films like The Ballroom of Romance and ask... where did it all go wrong?

Where have those grand old days gone? Days when seeking a wife was as easy as seeking out a new pair of shoes.

The trouble with today’s world, if you ask me, is that true romance has been consigned to the dustbin.

The slow set, the only reason many of us ever ventured into a nightclub back in the eighties, was removed from the dance scene a good number of years ago now, and this I feel, was the greatest body blow of all time to the rural single man.

With the slow set, all a fellow really had to do was get the girl onto the dance floor and let the likes of Lionel Richie do the rest.

I can say, in all sincerity, that had it not been for the slow set, I would not be the married man I am today.

It’s removal from a night of dancing was a national scandal. A scandal that has never been properly addressed.

So farmers need never be quizzed again on the question of gay marriage. We are all for it. Indeed we can ill afford to shun a service like marriage, which is in such short supply.


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