Kuhn Farm Machinery has added the new LSB 1270 DX to their square baler range, and upgraded their largest fixed-chamber round baler, the FB3135.

The upgraded FB3135 sees the introduction of a fully automated version that features automatic chamber opening, closing and unblocking functionality.

The Automate upgrade consists of three main functions — the tailgate, chamber unblocking and knife cleaning.

The Autogate is a fully automatic tailgate. The baler chamber’s tailgate opens and closes automatically, enabling bales to be ejected without the need for any operator input or intervention.

Visual and acoustic signals on the baler’s control terminal provide vital information at all stages of the baling and netting process, for overall operator control of the machine at all times.

The Autodeblock is designed for automatic chamber unblocking.

It embraces an overload protection clutch, activated whenever the baler’s crop intake is too high, and it automatically retracts the baler’s cutting knives and lowers the dropfloor system.

After the PTO is re-engaged, the baler’s rotor restarts and the crop is guided into the bale chamber.

At this point, the dropfloor and knives automatically return to their working position.

This process is also illustrated on the machine’s control terminal, ensuring the machine is operated in a safe and efficient manner at all times.

The automatic knife cleaning function ensures the baler’s Opticut knives are automatically cleaned after a pre-defined number of bales.

This function keeps the knife slots clean and debris free, for easier knife removal and replacement.

Balers equipped with the new Automate system can be operated in a fully automatic or semi-automatic (press a button to commence the baling cycle) mode.

Alternatively, a manual override can be selected (press and hold buttons to activate the baling sequence).

n The LSB 1270 DX is a new high-density and high-capacity that Kuhn Farm Machinery has added to its range of LSB square balers.

The new baler completes the company’s range of large square balers in the 120cm x 70cm (2×4) sector, and has been developed by Kuhn in line with feedback received from existing LSB users.

This new machine is Kuhn’s attempt to target baling operations where high capacity and high levels of operating efficiency are required, regardless of varying crop conditions.

According to Kuhn, their large square baler is capable of producing bales that are 10% more dense compared to previous models, and can increase working capacity in dry or bulky swaths by up to 15%.

The baler is equipped as standard with a double knotting system and revised driveline to achieve these improved performance figures.

Some of the new features include the Xtra gearbox.

This is a new gearbox design that Kuhn claims gives up to 30% extra load capacity compared to the previous model.

Another feature is the Xtra main frame and bale channel.

This frame and bale channel is revised to handle the increased loads created by the Xtra gearbox.

The new double knotter system allows six knotters to tie the bale halfway along the bale’s length, as well as at the bale’s end.

This system is constantly monitored by the machine’s electronic control terminal, which manages twine tension and gives a knotter failure alert, thereby enabling the operator to maximise bale density and capacity.

The Xtra bale channel cylinders feature allows bigger diameter cylinders, to create greater friction in the bale channel thereby increasing bale density.

An optional, mechanically driven crop roller further enhances the capacity of the LSB 1270 DX, by enabling the machine to maintain a high working throughput, even when baling dry and bulky swaths.

The crop roller is protected by a cam clutch to ensure a trouble-free intake when collecting large or uneven swaths, and can increase working capacity by up to 15% compared to standard machines.


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